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Security questions not working in Google account

Easy help for Google Security question

Google Customer Service for easy guide on security question issue

Security questions are secret questions which are used to recover password at times when user forget the Gmail account password. But these security questions is not authentic method to recover password as it is not secure enough. It is very easily guessed by hackers. Sometime security question may not work if user has attempted to provide wrong answer for such questions. What to do if Google account security questions are not working? What should be next step to recover password? No need of getting worries keep calm and adopt other methods to recover password.

Simple and easy steps to recover password in safer and better way

Firstly Login to Gmail account. Enter username email address and click on forget password option. User will be redirected to account recovery page where user have two option to rescue password. They are through Secondary email address or One time password on Registered phone number. To recover password through secondary email address, provide the address in recovery info page, then the link will be sent to mail inbox to recover password at earliest. Another authentic procedure is through one time password in which verification code will be send to registered mobile number provided by user. User can type the verification code of four digit through which user can reset password. User need to opt any of the methods and click on next option. Now user have to enter strong password and then re-enter same password to confirm it and click on save option.

If user still need some assistance to get rid of difficulties in easiest way call on google support phone number straightaway.

Avail instant help from Google customer service

It will put customer in touch with most dedicated and qualified tech experts who know many innovative techniques to fix issues and error related to Gmail. User can get support from help online forum available on help page of gmail,or through phone or email services. Customer can all the information from Gmail webpage related to queries. Call today to get immediate solution in swift manner.

Suggested Website : Google Customer Service

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